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Tracks Listed In: Humour, Comedy, Sitcom, Fun, Slapstick

Preview Track Artist
Laid back n' grooving - full version (9.58MB) - See more info.

A light and groovy acoustic piece featuring Afro-Latin / Caribbean percussion and acoustic guitar.

Sultan Makendé
Lost the Plot (22.9MB) - See more info.

Classic trombone led ska, in the style of the great Rico Rodriguez, some roots dub and crazy belly dance thrown in for good measure.

Dave Yowell
Mambo de Gringo Maluco (11.71MB) - See more info.

Relaxed Latino groove giving a warm and tropical feeling.

Gringo Loco
Reggae Nabongo (20.38MB) - See more info.

Fusion breakbeat reggae, with some "World fusion" additions.

Dave Yowell
Ring a Ring o Roses (6.01MB) - See more info.

A hard, driving rock version of the classic children's nursery rhyme, played live by a hard rocking four piece band.

Dave Yowell
Rock a bye baby (1.17MB) - See more info.

A sweet, mellow version of the famous children's lullaby, played by a kalimba (African thumb harp) with acoustic guitar backing.

Dave Yowell
Salama Ya Habibi Orch-cues combo (12.8MB) - See more info.

"Salama Ya Habibi!".

Sultan Makendé
Salama Ya Habibi Orchestral-instrumental (37.41MB) - See more info.

"Salama Ya Habibi!".

Sultan Makendé
Salama Ya Habibi Orchestral-vocal (38.25MB) - See more info.

"Salama Ya Habibi!".

Sultan Makendé
Soweto Jolly Jumpy Jive - cues-trans-hits composite (27.47MB) - See more info.

This is the composite file of short cues, transitions and hits.

The Uyolo Guys


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