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How it works

You can browse and preview our music without logging-in, but you will need to register with us before you can download.

If you are creating a production for the BBC, ITV, or Channel 5:

Register here
(downloadable cue sheets will be generated automatically via your playlists)

For Channel 4 and any international broadcasters, film makers and production companies creating films, series, documentaries, including cable, streaming and Netfilx:

Register here

If you are not sure what category you should register as, register here:

Register as anyone

Registration guide
Explanations of what category to choose when registering with us

Registration category 1 - UK/Eire broadcasters and associated IPC's:

Who needs this license: UK and Eire based Broadcasters, film and Independent Production Companies (IPCs) that make TV programs for UK/Eire broadcasters, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 or programs for online platforms such as Netflix, Paramount Network and Amazon Prime.

What this license covers: The copying of our music into TV programs, films and other media for public terrestrial and digital broadcast plus dissemination via online streaming platforms.
If you have not already obtained an IPC license, you can find out how it works and apply from here: MCPS-PRS IPC license

*Note: If you register  under this category, you  do NOT need to use the PRS License Manager.
But you you will need to report the usage via a cue sheet within 14 days of delivering the finalized program for broadcast.

To make things easier you can download a pre-formatted xls cue sheet via the link on your playlist page.
All the tracks and info listed in your final playlist will be auto-filled into the xls sheet.
*Don't forget to delete any unused tracks from the playlist, before you download the XLS file.

More info:

A link to a PDF with some common questions and answers specifically for BBC productions: BBC Users Questions Answered

Registration category 2:

For Non-UK or Eire based productions or broadcasters.

  • You will need to purchase your license via the License Manager,
  • Or via a MCPS-PRS affiliated royalty collection society,
  • Or contact us to negotiate a Direct License.
You can see a list of over 100 affiliated royalty collection societies worldwide, from here:

*Once you have registered, logged-in and created a playlist, you will see a link to the MCPS-PRS License Manager at the bottom of your playlist.
This will take you to the PRS licensing payment processor, to pay for the track(s) and our music will be licensed in perpetuity for your project.

Registration category 3 - Not Sure:

If you are not sure what category you should choose, just go ahead and register as a cat 3 user and we will help you all along the way!

Register as anyone

Types of licenses:

For web pages hosted in the UK
, there are various types of licenses for internet broadcast available from the PRS (Performing Rights Society), depending on how you are going to use the music on your site.
We reccomend that you have a look at their guidance notes from here:   MCPS-PRS guidance notes
If in doubt, or have any questions, then you should contact them directly.

Film productions, Web pages etc. based in the USA:

You can see how it works from here:

Or from the BMI here: https://www.bmi.com/licensing If in doubt, or have any questions, then you should contact them directly.

For other countries:
Use the license manager and you should also report the usage to the music royalty collection society of your country.
List of PROs (royalty collection societies) worldwide

If you still have any further queries, please contact us or the MCPS-PRS directly.

Cue Sheets:

If you are not aware of how cue sheets work, you can view or download a quick cue sheet guide from here: PRS-Quick cue sheet guide
You can also download all the relevant cue sheet guidance notes and forms from here: PRS CUE SHEETS-guidance and forms

Some useful links:

What is production music and how does it work:

For UK based broadcasters and IPCs (Independent Production Companies):

Link to apply for a license:

Production music rate card PDF:

For online productions:

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