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legal stuff

Our music is pre-cleared for all media, worldwide in perpetuity and is available to license via PRS for Music,
either under a broadcaster blanket IPC agreement or via the

PRS license Manager

(You will need to have registered with the PRS)

You can have a look at the licensing rates from here:
PRS Production Music Rate Card

Feel free to browse the site and preview any tracks before you decide,
Foreign (Non-UK) licensing can also be quickly arranged:

If you are new to all of this, in a hurry and find all of the stuff below a long and complicated story, just
contact or call us

and we will hold your hand all the way!

*You can browse and preview files without logging-in, but you will need to Register and log-in before you can download.

  • Registering (you will need to register in order to download any music):

  1. On the register page, read the user agreement then scroll down and choose a registration category (see below).
    *f you are not sure which category to choose, select the Not sure / non of the above button and we will sort out the details with you when you are ready.
  2. Once you have registered, you will be automatically logged-in and able to browse and download straight away.
    *By registering, you will be agreeing to the Amazing World Music User Agreement so please read it to make sure that you are okay with it.
  • Creating a Playlist and downloading (you will need to download via a playlist):

  1. First, browse the site adding any tracks that might work, to a playlist - via the Add to playlist icon/link that you will see to the right of the track info.
  2. From your playlist(s) you can then download and drop any of the tracks into your project.
  • Licensing your track:

  • When you have decided what tracks you will use, remove any tracks that you won't be using from the playlist then use the licensing system that you chose when you registered.
  • Registration category 1 - UK/Eire based broadcasters and IPC's (Independent Production Companies):

      • Who needs this license:
        Independent Production Companies (IPCs) that make TV programs for UK/Eire broadcasters, including Channel 4 and Channel 5.

      • What this license covers:
        The copying of members' music into TV programs for broadcast in the UK.
        If you have not already obtained an IPC license, you can find out how it works from here: MCPS-PRS IPC license
      • UK /Eire based broadcasters and IPC users do NOT need to use the PRS License Manager.
        But you you will need to report the usage via a cue sheet within 14 days of delivering the finalized program to a channel/platform.

      • To make things easier you can download a pre-formatted xls cue sheet via the link on your playlist page with all the tracks and extra info listed in your final playlist. 
        (Don't forget to delete any unused tracks from the playlist, before you download the XLS file).
      • More info:

      • A link to a PDF with some common questions and answers specifically for BBC users: BBC Users Questions Answered
  • Cue Sheets:

  • Registration category 2:

  • If you are not a UK or Eire based IPC or broadcaster, you will need to either:
  •  license via the License Manager, or license via a foreign affiliated PRO, or contact us to negotiate a Direct License.
  • *You can still go ahead and download, and then report the usage via your membership of a PRS-affiliated collection society in your country, as long as it is affiliated with the PRS, such as ASCAP, BMI, SACEM, GEMA, APRA-AMCOS, and many others.
  • You can see a list of over 100 affiliated societies worldwide, from here:

*Once you have registered, logged-in and created a playlist, you will see a link to the PRS-MCPS License manager at the bottom of your playlist:

  • Using the License Manager:

To pay the licensing fee for your tracks, click on the MCPS icon at the bottom of the playlist and you will be taken directly to the MCPS license Manager checkout (You will need to be registered and log-in)
You will then see the quotes for the track(s) you have chosen to use and if you are okay with it, submit for payment.
*if you encounter any problems, please contact us

  • Web pages / Internet Streaming:

For web pages hosted in the UK, there are various types of licenses for internet broadcast available from the PRS (Performing Rights Society), depending on how you are going to use the music on your site.
We reccomend that you have a look at their guidance notes from here: PRS-MCPS guidance notes
If in doubt, or have any questions, then you should contact them directly.

  • Film productions, Web pages etc. based in the USA:

You can see how it works from here:
ASCAP https://www.ascap.com/music-users

Or from the BMI here: https://www.bmi.com/licensing
If in doubt, or have any questions, then you should contact them directly.

  • For other countries: 

Use the license manager and you should also report the usage to the music royalty collection society of your country.

You can see a list of most of the world's PROs from here:

List of PROs (royalty collection societies) worldwide

If you still have any further queries, please contact us or the MCPS PRS directly.

Some useful links:

What is production music and how does it work:

For UK based broadcasters and IPCs (Independent Production Companies):

Link to apply for a license:

Production music rate card PDF:

For online productions:

If you would like to see even more detail including common legal terms and definitions, you can see them here:

More legal detail
FAQs, and general explanations of how music licensing works

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