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Amazing World Music - About Us

About Amazing World Music

We are a team of musical collaborators supervised by Dave Yowell AKA Sultan Makendé - founder of Amazing World Music and our Production Music Library is exclusively licensed via the
MCPS-PRS production music library

Much of our music is available as versions with plus / minus instruments, stems, lengths, and cues and hits, which you can download as a ZIP archive.
If you need a tweak or a different version or stem, just contact us with your brief and we will create a new version to fit your needs asap.
*We do not license the music available on this site anywhere else and there is no re-titling.
This guarantees that you can use the music safely, with NO legal or copyright problems down the road.

Just a few of our Film and TV credits:

The In Laws - Feature Film
Everybody Loves Sunshine - Feature Film
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy - Bravo cable television network
Sex and the City first and second series - HBO
Anthony Bourdain No Reservations - Discovery Travel & Living channel
Life Without Dick - Feature Film
William and Kate - The movie
America's next top model - CW Network
Dirty Pretty Things – Feature Film
Indian Ocean With Simon Reeve - BBC
Dr Oz - TV.com
Californication - Showtime My Last Five Girlfriends - Feature Film
50 things to do before you die
Scarred - MTV Real Sex 31 - HBO
Top Gear -
Shipping Wars -
Channel 4
Gene Simmons Family Jewels -
Swamp Wars -
Animal Planet
Afraid Of The Dark -
History channel
Pawn Stars UK -
History channel
Hoarders -
A&E network 10 Years Younger (Australia) - Channel 4 (UK)
A To Z of TV Gardening -
Human Planet - BBC Deadly 60 -
Extreme Fishing With Robson Green -
Channel 5 (UK)
Weird Connections -
Discovery channel
My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera -

About Sultan Makendé (Aka Dave Yowell)

Sultan is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and composer with many strings to his bow.
He was born in Nairobi, Kenya - where he spent his formative years playing and absorbing many influences, from the diverse musical culture, ranging from tribal Wakamba drumming, to Arabian and Indian music, prevalent on the coast.

Upon moving to London in 1972, his influences and musical collaborations became yet even more diverse, in that great cosmopolitan hot-house of musical experimentation.

During the 80's he spent a couple of years touring around the Middle East where he bought his first semi-pro recording equipment, which was the seed that gave life to his recording and music production career.

In 1985, he founded the successful recording studio and production company Sultan Sound in North London (UK), where he recorded and produced many album projects that went on to be hits in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, France and the UK.
In 1995, he spent a year in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, playing, recording and collaborating with the local musicians, some of whom he is still collaborating with to this day.

From 1996 to 1998, he also worked extensively in Accra, Ghana, recording and collaborating with many well known Ghanaian artists, where he absorbed the laid back Hi-Life, Palm Wine, Kpalogo and Afro-beat grooves that permeate most of West Africa.

But that wasn't all - in between his trips to West Africa, his eclectic tastes also led him into London's underground / alternative / dance / house music scene, with his partner Jon Helmer - one of their hits being the 12" vinyl dance EP "Prayer Tower" under the artistic name of "The Paradise Organization".
The late and great John Peel (BBC) was a big fan and often played tracks from the Paradise Organization's ground breaking album "Guerrilla Warfare and Soap Powder", from which came the term "Progressive House".


Sultan currently lives in Salvador, Brazil where he is busy recording and absorbing the wonderful musical diversity of Brazilian music.
You can hear some of the fruits of this on the site, by clicking on this link: On a Brazilian tip
Dave and any of his co-artists on the site are also available for individual musical commissions should you not find exactly what you are looking for....just drop him a line via the contact form and you can be sure he will reply personally.

As well as being well plugged into the 'alternative' music scene, he has also collaborated and worked with the following British and international artists:

Madness - UK
Left Field - UK
Transglobal Underground - UK
Moreno Veloso - Brazil
Kassim - Brazil
Hugh Masekela - South Africa
Judge Jules (DJ) - UK

Al Finjan - Egypt / Palestine /UK
Osibisa - Ghana
Ben Brako - Ghana
E. T. Mensah - Ghana
Rex Omar - Ghana
Thomas Frimpong - Ghana
Nana Acheampong - Ghana
Charles Amoah - Ghana
A. B. Crentsil - Ghana
Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto - Sierra Leone
Captain Yaba - Ghana
Atongo Zimba - Ghana
Mose Fan Fan - DR of Congo
Tiken Jah Fakoly - Ivory Coast
Jon-K - Ghana
The Tagoe Sisters - Ghana
Nana Budgei - Ghana
Kwabena Kwabena - Ghana
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Ghana
Bessa Simmons - Ghana
Paulina Oduro - Ghana
The Western Diamonds - Ghana
Gui Tavares - Brazil

The +2's -Brazil
Haddis Alemahehu - Ethiopia

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