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Metallic Mystery - See more info.

 Metallic, thundering clangs and thumps, backed by electronic whooshes .

Dave Yowell
Genetic modification - See more info.
A futuristic, bubbly, popping fusion of organic and electronic sounds.
Dave Yowell
Ring a Ring o Roses - See more info.

A hard, driving rock version of the classic children's nursery rhyme, played live by a hard rocking four piece band.

Dave Yowell
Congona - See more info.

Fast and tense, this piece is a very atmospheric groover.

Sultan Makendé
Doobiedub - See more info.
Roots dub reggae in a classic style with stoned dub breaks, in the style of the great King Tubby  inventor of "dub".
Clint Bilton
Funky Mole - See more info.

Funky groove with no melody line but strong rhythmic pulse provided by break-beat, organ, bass and guitar.

Cão Preto
Lost the Plot - See more info.

Classic trombone led ska, in the style of the great Rico Rodriguez, some roots dub and crazy belly dance thrown in for good measure.

Dave Yowell
Miicro genetic invasion - See more info.
A bubbly, popping fusion of electro organic sounds, with a big bang ending.
Dave Yowell