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Tracks Listed In: Scotland

Preview Track Artist Playlist
Acoustic bass cues sound set (10.1MB) - See more info.

This is a composite of acoustic double bass cues, usefull for scene changes - common in comedies and lighter / non-serious productions.

Dave Yowell
Blind Man Lost (11.27MB) - See more info.

Soft and pulsing, with a strange and slightly tense feeling.

Dave Yowell
Bridge Of Tears (10.93MB) - See more info.

A slow, sad and poignant combination of Irish whistle and acoustic guitar.

Devotional bells (3.95MB) - See more info.

Small devotional bells often used during a religious ceremony - Eastern / Hindu / Buddhist or Christian devotional situation.

Dave Yowell
Waltzing to Whiskey Heaven (11.28MB) - See more info.

A happy, and energetic waltz featuring celtic whistle, acoustic guitars and ukelele.