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Festive season classics 

Tracks Listed In: Christmas / Hollidays

Preview Track Artist Playlist
Kalimba Kool-cues combo (18.77MB) - See more info.

Kalimbas.pngThis is a cues and hits combo of the main theme
Dave Yowell 100%

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive.
**However If you would prefer individual stems to create your own specific versions, please get in touch and I will send them to you directly, as fast as I can.



Dave Yowell
Ring a Ring o Roses (6.01MB) - See more info.
A hard, driving rock version of the classic children's nursery rhyme, played live by a hard rocking four piece band.
The melody is played by a distorted electric guitar, in the manner of Brian May, and is accompanied by rocking rhythm
 guitar, hammond organ, bass and drums.
Dave Yowell - 100%
Dave Yowell
Rock a bye baby (1.17MB) - See more info.

A sweet, mellow version of the famous children's lullaby, played by a kalimba (African thumb harp) with acoustic guitar backing.
Dave Yowell - 100%

Dave Yowell
Ruins Of Tara-lighter vers (10.73MB) - See more info.
Ancient Irish / Celtic / Folk vibe, with pipes, whistles, fiddle, mandolin and acoustic guitar.
Quite energetic and fast tempo.
This is the lighter version with no bodhran (drum) or hand claps - check out the full version:
Ruins of Tara - full version

D. Yowell / A. Magennis / R. Heenan  33.3% each

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive

We Three Caliphs Of Orient Are (20.4MB) - See more info.

Also known as "We Three Kings" and "We Three Kings of Orient Are".
A very traditional, medieval sounding, version of the public domain carol by the American John Henry Hopkins Jr.
It has a rather sad and despondent feeling.
The instruments are all acoustic consisting of zither, acoustic guitars, mandolin, soft percussion and a string quartet of two cellos and two violins that come in on the second half.

Dave Yowell


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