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Sophisticated with swing and groove

Tracks Listed In: Jazz, Jazzy

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Jazzy chops chopsticks (14.48MB) - See more info.

A jazzy and sophisticated rendition of the well known piano piece "chopsticks".
it is in three parts - bass and drums groove, main chopsticks melody, then a light piano solo in a style rememiscent of the New Orleans greats - Fats Domino and Professor Longhair.
Instruments: acoustic piano, bass, drums and bongos.
It would work well in a light, humourous scene.

The main theme is known by many different names in many different countries:
In Spain as La Chocolatera, in the Netherlands as Vlooienmars (Flea March), in Belgium as Valse de Puce (Flea Waltz), in Russia as Sobachiy Val's (Собачий Вальс, Dog Waltz), in Poland as Kotlety (Cutlet), in Bulgaria as Koteshki Marsh (Cat March), in Hungary as Szamárinduló (Donkey March), and in Majorca as Polca de los Tontos (Fools' Polka). In Mexico it is called Los Changuitos (The Little Monkeys), in Finland Kissanpolkka (Cat's Polka) and in the Czech Republic "Prasečí valčík" (Pig Waltz). In China it is called "跳蚤圆舞曲" (Flea Waltz). In the United Kingdom, the melody is known as Chopsticks.

Dave Yowell: 100%

Dave Yowell
Los Hombres (12.02MB) - See more info.

Steaming, pulsating salsa with horns, mambo groove acoustic piano, trumpet and percussion. Starts and ends with a classic salsa break.
David Yowell / Francis Fuster  50/50

Mambo de Gringo Maluco (11.71MB) - See more info.

Relaxed Latino groove giving a warm and tropical feeling.
Classic South American mambo as used in many TV series such as Sex and the City and Netflix - Narcos.

Gringo Loco
Rekpete (22.31MB) - See more info.

Medium Tempo traditional West African Hi-life featuring Flute, Trumpet, Sax and percussion with a percusive vocal break in the middle.


Dave Yowell / Francis Fuster -50/50

Sakanona Ya Mkono (21.88MB) - See more info.

A fast percussive underscore groove with some tension.
It has been cut up into various sections - underscores and cues -  with plus / minus instruments, to make it more useful.
The instruments are percussion, drum kit, bass, electric guitars, trumpets and  a tense drone in the second section.

Searching heart (13.91MB) - See more info.
Acoustic grand piano in the style of Debussy
Starts out questioning and edgy, then resolves and moves on to a more melodic, sad and wistful mood.
Dave Yowell - 100%
Dave Yowell
Unresolved (7.15MB) - See more info.

A short sophisticated jazz lament, featuring saxophone, double bass, drums and electric piano.
Gives a feeling of late-night big cities, night clubs and streets.


Dave Yowell
What you say (26.65MB) - See more info.

WazimbaFunky, jazzy and groovy. An Afro-funky groove fusing Roots-Soul and Roots-African.
Featuring Mollo (African 2 string banjo), brass, African percussion and a backing from a super funky band of crack musicians.
The mood is happy, forceful, ambitious and positive.



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