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Harmonic Emotion Details:

Harmonic Emotion - Clint Bilton

Soft sad and slow,  a very wistful and emotional orchestral piece.
Acoustic piano accompanied by a string orchestra.


acoustic piano + doleful+ down+ grief+ melancholy+ orchestra+ orchestral+ piano+ sad+ soft+ somber+ sorrowful+ strings+ wistful+  emotional+  slow+

Clint Bilton Biographical Information:

One of Dave's alter egos:
Clint Bilton (not to be confused with the Belgian DJ who stole his name) grew up in Kingston Jamaica. For many years he sailed the high seas as a merchant seaman but was always seasick.
Eventually he ended up in the USA where he made a name for himself at the famouse Black House club in Washington DC, playing his own unique style of Reggae together with his wife Hillariousa Bilton.


Harmonic Emotion Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:44

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