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Voodoo Hoodoo-No FX Details:

Voodoo Hoodoo-No FX - Itamar Dave & Sam

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Edgy, dark and tense percussion, giving a dramatic feeling of intense danger.


Check out the other version that has strange FX added.

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danger+ dark+ dramatic+ edgy+ intense+ percussion+ tense+ threatening+

Mix-set Information:

The tracks in this mix-set are:

Itamar Dave & Sam Biographical Information:

Itamar Davesam are Itamar Lima, Dave Yowell and Sam Alexander.
Way back in 2008, they had a percussion jam together in Dave's London Studio - Sultan Sound.
Various filmic pieces were then put togther from the result, and this is one of them.

Voodoo Hoodoo-No FX Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:20